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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Oracle OpenWorld - Ajax Unconference

I have created an unconference session at OpenWorld on Rich Web Applications. The idea is to meet like minded people who are developing Ajax applications for standard Web browsers and are interested in learning how feed technologies can help them standardize their APIs as well as improve the serviceability of these interfaces.

As you know, GData has long offered feed and Atom publishing protocol-based API as a means of retrieving and updating data in various Google applications through a RESTful protocol. Other applications also now offer similar interfaces, e.g., and OpenSocial. The preponderance of such application interfaces combined with their fairly high usage on the Web indicates a good match of this style with the application integration requirements.

Come to the unconference session to discuss your pet peeves about Ajax application data interfaces as well as hear about Oracle's technology proposals to help address some of these issues such as reliability, availability, and responsiveness.

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